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Galvin Green 2017 – Part Two: Autumn/Winter – Review

Before we see them sponsor the European Ryder Cup Team in Paris 2018, Galvin Green introduce Part Two of the 2017 collection – Autumn/Winter.

The Waterproof and Fashion clothing giants give us vibrant, stylish and practical golf clothing that fight the elements whilst also keeping your street cred.

Let’s be honest… there’s not many courses where you won’t spot the GG logo these day’s. It’s kinda become the ‘club golfers’ brand …& why not?

Part One of 2017 gave us ground breaking C-Knit Technology. We continue to see this lightweight, breathable fabric along with the brands most custom range to date.

Galvin Green 2017 Part 2 Autumn Winter Range -

CEO & Managing Director Christian Nilsson tell’s us more about Part Two.

“Having pioneered the Multi-layer Concept for greater breathability and comfort more than a decade ago, we’re now looking to raise the level of overall garment performance and looks. Golfers can choose to adapt different colour-ways, while matching up compatible layers to contend with whatever the weather brings out on the course.”

Both the Men’s & Ladies ranges will feature new Shirts, Sweaters, Pull-Overs, Wind-Stoppers and Waterproof Jackets in both Shell and Pac-Lite options. The fashion conscious golfer, as always with Galvin Green, can match up the new range with co-ordinated colour ways on all clothing ranges & Accessories.

Galvin Green 2017 Part 2 Autumn Winter


Galvin Green 2017 Part Two – Autumn Winter range is IN STOCK at and also available In-Store.

Honest Opinion…

I’ve played in snow storms, hail, frost, ice and rain. Why?

1) I’m mad

2) I was prepared.

It’s the only way to enjoy Winter Golf in my view. Pack spare gloves, towels and wrap up with clothing that’s designed for the committed all year round Golfer – you deserve it!

With the Gore-Tex life time guarantee Galvin Green has the high level status that a product performing this well every year – certainly deserves.

Try it for yourself!

Check out the Golfgeardirect Superstore offering here! Come try the range and get more information from one of our Galvin Green experts.

Contact Golfgeardirect:

Online: 01622 891675 | Superstore: 01634 262002 | On-Course: 01622 890866


Titleist 718 AP1 Irons Review –

This autumn see’s a New range of Titleist iron’s introduced to the market. The first iron we’re looking at is the 718 AP1 Iron.

Let’s take a closer look…

AP1 is the largest, longest and most forgiving in the new 718 iron range.

A new progressive construction, features easy-to-use hollow-body long irons and undercut cavity mid and short irons. Titleist AP1 irons provide the best combination of distance and trajectory for each individually designed iron.


So are these actually forgiving? Titleist irons for years have been branded as a ‘good players’ club. This has been true over the past 20 years but since the introduction of the AP range – the AP1 has proven popular with improving golfers across the world.

One of the keys changes in the AP1 718 iron is the minimisation of hot spots – shots that will fly significantly further than others. Titleist believes it has overcome this issue in the new 2017 model.

You would likely experience 300 – RPM less spin, 1.4 – MPH more ball speed and just over three more yards carry with an 718 AP1 7-iron over the previous 716 model. TEST-product-page-5050-AP1-Face

The club features a thick top line and just enough offset to suit the eye of the game improver. AP1 feels you with confidence at address but still gives off a classic Titleist look and great feedback from centred and off-centred hits.

What Titleist say…

With explosive ball speed and an even more-forgiving face, 718 AP1 irons reward you in every way you can imagine. All while maintaining our classically coveted look and feel.


Launch it high and land it soft with a lower CG and refined tungsten weighting for each individual iron. Hit longer shots that hold the green more often, putting you in better scoring positions.

AP1 irons not only deliver more distance, but also produce more consistent gapping throughout the set. Hollow-body long irons and undercut cavity mid and short irons mean you’ll be able to maximise carry distance for every shot.

A higher MOI gives you more room on the face to hit it pure. An improved leading edge creates better turf interaction, for more consistent contact. Together they let you hit every shot closer to your target.


Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 03.11.51.png

My thoughts:

There’s not many premium game improvement irons around that will match the looks and feel of the AP1 718. Most players looking to invest in Titleist Irons will expect the above from a typical Titleist iron – but not one this forgiving.

It fires off the club and there’s plenty of room on the face for the odd mis-hit. If you’re looking to improve and do not wish to sacrifice looks & feel then 718 AP1 could be the iron for you. Book to Demo

For the better player I feel the looks might be slightly off putting. Luckily, there’s some superb alternatives in the 718 range (AP2, CB & MB) with reviews to come.

Titleist 718 AP1 Irons are due to later in September 2017.  Available both online and in-store.

For more info please call us on 01622 891675 or visit our FaceBook page.


TaylorMade P790 Irons Review –


TaylorMade P790 Irons – This Beauty is a Beast! Coming soon to both our online and high street superstore’s 

Review below by DJ Design & Media

A forged players iron that’s cut to a cavity, fit for the game improver. How do they achieve such a thing? A revolutionary foam (SpeedFoam) that expands the entire cavity and offers a soft response to all hits across the club-face. The P790 will attract a number of ability’s with what we believe is a truly unique design. There’s plenty of irons on the market that are built for both low and mid handicaps – but none like P790.

With it’s forged body and players satin-chrome finish, P790 has already attracted the attention of the worlds leading players, along with many respected golf coaches.

I’ve seen many attempts at this iron from manufacturers and none more than TaylorMade – without success. The ‘Tour-Preferred‘ range confused many golfers in past years. The TP branding suggested a ‘higher-level’ of play/talent was required to use such a club.

To be honest, that was the case.

There wasn’t that all-round iron to suit a broad part of the golfing market. With P790 it’s very clear that this iron is suitable for a wide range of players with the need for distance, forgiveness, feel and of course good looks too.

P790 Review: Looks

The TaylorMade P790’s have been beautifully finished with a players Satin-Chrome. This ‘less glare’ effect has been a popular choice amongst TaylorMade irons in the past, opting against the vintage Mizuno polished-chrome effect.

Not only does the lower handicapper get a great finish, they also get a thin top line. Given the size of the original cavity (watch video below) and weight distributed to the back of the club – this is surprisingly easy on the eye. Take a look below


You put this iron down and feel your confidence grow over the ball. It’s a great feeling to have before takeaway.

Technology that suits all…

As I mentioned P790 has a filled in cavity that allows the club to not only look the part – it also rewards off centre hits. Yeah, yeah, yeah…heard it all before but no – P790’s really do both.

I recently demonstrated…

the P790 4-Iron, 6-Iron and PW and although I didn’t have the correct technology with me to record results, there were Two things that no device could ever tell me

both looks and feel…


I’ve always been a believer that to get the best out of forged, bladed irons you’ll need to strike the ball consistently well and if you’re not going to practice – then they should genreally be avoided. But why should us ‘not so perfect’ ball strikers and ‘range-dodgers’ sacrifice on feel? We love the looks but need that all important consistency and distance too?

Let me introduce you to SpeedFoam.

SpeedFoam Tech

P790’s hollow cavity uses a new SpeedFoam Technology, a new proprietary construction, which serves a dual purpose of generating ball speed as well as optimising sound and feel. Injected into the club-head, SpeedFoam provides the face support and sound-damping properties that make the performance of the P790 unlike any other iron in TaylorMades 2017 Iron’s offering.

In a nutshell the cavity in the club-head is filled with an expanding soft foam that will dampen off-centre hits. It produces less vibration in the shaft for improved feel.

When you strike one well, these feel very responsive and the end results are very true to the feel and sound.

Of course, as the years have past and the lofts have weakened, there’s been some impressive distance irons (inc TaylorMade M2 Irons) produced by the leading manufactures. P790 is the first I’ve seen that looks great and you still feel that it’s going to set off like a rocket!

So why is this?

Strategically placed internal tungsten weighting is introduced in P790 for a more precise centre of gravity placement. A higher moment of inertia is also included in this ultimate player and improver iron to offer more distance and control.


The incorporation of the new wrapped face construction creates a cut-thru Speed Pocket on the sole with extreme flexibility in the lower part of the club-face; it’s this flexibility that creates greater forgiveness and consistency than is typically seen in a distance iron design.

Inverted Cone Technology

The P790 also features an ultra-thin 1.75mm face thickness with re-engineered Inverted Cone Technology optimized for the slightly smaller face area. The new, smaller Inverted Cone allows for reduced face thickness at the edges of the face, thus increasing flexibility from heel to toe and low on the club-face, resulting in more ball speed across the entire face.

Honest Opinion…

I cannot lie, this iron was a please to hit. You’ve heard me say all this though.

What really matters is who is this aimed at?

If you’re playing off a handicap of scratch – 18 these are worth at least a try for the feel and numbers on distance. There’s certainly more forgiving irons in the TaylorMade iron range (notably the M2) for anyone +above single figures but below you’ll struggle to find something better out there IMO.


Come try one at Golfgeardirect’s fitting centres. The TaylorMade P790’s will be available to exclusively pre-order in late September 2017.

Online and In-store.

For more please visit or please call us on 01622 8916745

  • Full Custom-Fit available
  • Authorised Online TaylorMade Stockist
  • Over 25 years trading with TaylorMade
  • TaylorMade trained fitters




Motocaddy S5 Connect (Smart Cart!)


The most technologically advanced product in the Motocaddy range and a world ‘first’ in the trolley sector. The new S5 CONNECT can be linked to the free Motocaddy GPS App via a Bluetooth® connection on any compatible smartphone; allowing the trolley’s digital display to be used in place of a conventional GPS, offering front, middle and back distances to the green along with par of the hole, plus a clock and round timer.

Offering the ultimate in on-course connectivity, the S5 CONNECT can also receive notifications alerting the golfer of a missed call, text, email or range of app alerts, including WhatsApp and Facebook. The mobile phone can remain connected even when securely placed in the pocket of a golf bag or being charged by the trolley’s patented USB charging port.

Golf Tip: Jacques Gous & DJ Design & Media takes us through this difficult short game pitch shot.

In addition to the innovative ‘smart’ technology, the S5 CONNECT includes the modern look and features found on the latest S-Series models, including a soft-touch ergonomic handle; streamlined battery tray; Adjustable Distance Control (up to 45m) and the exclusive super-fast QUIKFOLD mechanism.

* App driven GPS & Smartphone notifications
* Front, middle & back distances on screen*
* Utilises world’s #1 mapping database*
* 36,000 courses – no subscription fee*
* Course information including hole & par*
* Smartphone notification compatibility*
* Notifications for calls, texts, emails & apps*
* Clock & Pace of Play timer*
* Adjustable Distance Control (up to 45m)
* Patented USB charging port
* Nine speed settings
* Streamlined battery tray
* QUIKFOLD mechanism
* Soft-touch ergonomic handle
* EASILOCK™ compatible
*compatible smartphone with free Motocaddy app required

The S5 connect along with full range of Motocaddy Electric Trolleys are available to order from

Ping G400 Woods & Irons

NEW: Ping G400 Family

Ping’s famous G range takes a new look in the G400. All it’s predecessors (G2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, G30 & G) have all been a huge success for the custom fit giants. The G400 is set to top the lot with us already seeing a strong tour presence on both the PGA & European Tour’s.

Ping G400, a new range of woods and irons replacing the successful G range.Featuring new innovations and technologies said to take the performance level of golf clubs to new heights.


The G400 Drivers are designed to offer different launch and ball flight capabilities, all of which feature a faster forged face for higher ball speeds, a smaller more streamlined club-head to maximise swing speed, improved sound and feel as well as unique paint shift technology on the shaft.



The Ping G400 Fairway and hybrid woods are made from a stronger maraging steel, meaning the clubfaces could be made thinner and lighter to provide more ball speed while also forgiving.



The G400 Crossover hybrid iron takes on a new look to and get’s the ball in the air easier plus hold its line better on mishits thanks to tungsten toe weighting that raises forgiveness levels.
Ping G400 iron features a new top rail undercut that combines with improved COR-Eye technology to allow the face to flex more at impact, leading to higher launch and more ball speed.


Irons to touch your soul – Mizuno MP-18

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 06.28.59

Refined by our master craftsmen in YORO Japan – the MP-18s are inspired by every great player to pure a Mizuno iron since 1933.  The master mould of every head checked and adapted to the satisfaction of our most experienced clubmakers – including the legendary Turbo.  Three models Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan designed to mix and match within a custom set.  To find the artist in every player.

Mizuno MP-18 / The Craftsmen’s Muscleback

Sculpted by our YORO master craftsmen, the MP-18 is a throwback to the muscle-backs of Mizuno’s past. A shorter blade length, cambered top line and steep progression into sharp, compact wedges are the marks of our master clubmakers – who honed their skills on the irons of major winners. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan for the most colourful feedback imaginable.

“You can sense Turbo’s signature on the MP-18s – they remind me of the blades we worked on together all those years ago.” – Nick Faldo, Six-time Major winner.

Mizuno MP-18-MB Irons - Golfgeardirect.jpg

Mizuno MP-18 SC / The Player’s Cavity Back

A compact cavity back – sensitively reworked by the same Master Craftsmen who created multiple major winning iron sets. A slightly wider, cambered sole makes this more playable than the muscle back. Though the thin, tapered top line, short head length and smaller wedges mean this is very much a tour-ready iron. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima for the most colourful feedback through impact.


Mizuno MP-18 MMC / Multi-Metal Cavity 

A three-year project lead by our Yoro master craftsmen to develop a highly stable, forgiving multi-metal construction iron – which satisfied their aesthetic demands at address.  Even with both lightweight Titanium and heavier tungsten parts sealed within its 1025E mild carbon steel head, the MP-18 MMC maintains a similar ‘tour ready’ profile and size to the MP-18 SC.


MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi / The Player’s Long Iron 

The finishing touch to an MP-18 set – the long iron replacement now used by every Mizuno tour player.   A higher flying option with steeper landing angles, engineered with a profile acceptable to our Yoro master clubmakers.  The sleek new profile now envelopes a Maraging steel face, Tungsten toe weight and internal pocket for enhanced ball speed and ease of use.

Mizuno MP-18 clubs are available to order from September 2017 at Golfgeardirect, both online and in store.

Full custom fitting options, from an authorised account of over 25 years.

Garmin S60 Premium Watch

Premium GPS Watch with Great Style

Garmin are set to release the New S60 at the end of June 2017 and we believe it’s the best watch they have produced to date. With all the golifng features you need on a large, colour screen watch the S60 goes even further beyond the course… let’s take a closer look.

The sleek Approach S60 GPS golf watch integrates all the relevant information you need on your wrist for the perfect and fast approach, with great style that goes beyond the course. It features a new intuitive user interface, colour CourseView mapping and PlaysLike Distance for uphill and downhill shots on more than 40,000 courses worldwide. Get more out of your game with enhanced AutoShot game tracking that provides distances during the round and records shots for post-game analysis. Approach S60 makes the difference for a winning strategy on the course while staying sophisticated for daily wear.

Keep Track. And Keep Score


With additional sensor technology to improve detection accuracy, AutoShot game tracking automatically detects shots1 along the fairway and records shot locations and distances for post-game analysis on Garmin Connect. Along the course the Auto Measure Shot feature automatically provides you with yardages for each detected shot.

Know Your Course


Approach S60 comes preloaded with maps for more than 40,000 golf courses around the world, and it offers automatic downloads2 of updates for those you play the most often when synced with Garmin Connect.

Get precise distances to each location on the course, as well as PlaysLike Distance, which adjusts yardages to account for uphill and downhill shots so you can select the best club for the situation. And with Touch Targeting, you can touch any point on the map for precise measurement to that exact spot – including fairway, sand traps, water hazards and more.

Always the Champion


Compete with other golfers at over 40,000 courses or see how you fare against your friends with the Garmin Golf App. Each course has its own weekly leaderboard for anyone to participate in, or set up your own tournament and invite players to compete. With Approach S60 you can see your scores pushed to the leaderboard live as you complete your round.

Personal Timepiece, Smart Touches

Sync the Approach S60 to your compatible smartphone3 to get smart notifications for incoming calls, texts, emails and other alerts. Connect in more ways, too, including the Garmin Golf app, which allows you to compete on leaderboards with friends on any one of over 40,000 courses. Download custom watch faces, apps and widgets from the Connect IQ store. And customize your watch face with any photo from your mobile device with the Face It app.

Key Features of the Approach S60

  • Sleek GPS golf watch that reflects your passion for golf on and off the course
  • Large, 1.2″ sunlight readable colour touchscreen display presents an all intuitive and streamlined user interface
  • Show precise yardages to greens, hazards and doglegs, on full-colour course maps
  • Convenient QuickFit™ bands for fast style changes without tools
  • More than 40,000 preloaded courses from around the world
  • Enhanced AutoShot game tracking automatically tracks shots1 along the fairway and records shot distances for post game analysis

The Garmin S60 will be avialble to purchase noth online and in store later this month.

To keep up to date with all our product launches, sign up to our email newsletter here

Oakley – let your game shine


Many of us may have believed sunglasses worn on the golf course were merely for showing off and appearing to look ‘cool’ without any benefit to your game…


……moving on

For many years now many of the World’s top players have demonstrated that this is not the case, and wear Sunglasses on a regular basis. Henrik Stenson, Ian Poulter, Louis Oosthuizenouis, Justin Rose and Bubba Watson are just some of the famous players who regularly wear Sunglasses.

Now I’m not suggesting that a pair of sunglasses could help you win The Open like Henrik, the Masters like Bubba, or dominate the Ryder Cup like Poults, but some of these players have been wearing sunglasses for most of their careers. Let’s see why…

Today’s modern sunglasses are an accessory that can help your game and offer protection from dangerous rays of strong sunlight that can harm your eyesight.

Sunglasses for golf can also help you better distinguish fairways and greens and help you follow your ball in flight. See  more below on Oakley’s Prizm Golf Lenses…

Ian Poulter on why he wears Oakley Sunglasses,

“With the way technology has come along and the clarity of the lenses, I have 100% trust in what I’m seeing. Add on all the styles and colors? I love wearing them. And when I play, I know I’m wearing the best in the business.”


Oakley’s golf collection will protect you from the dangers of Ultraviolet Radiation. UV has been proved to cause various eye problems, such as cataracts, sunburn to the eyelids, pterygium and skin cancer around the eyes. With this in mind, the most important part of the Oakley sunglasses – are the lenses.

Interchangeable, Oakley stock a HUGE range of lenses to suit your golf game. When looking for lens colour it can get confusing, so it’s worth noting the following…

  • A lens that absorbs blue light will help you read greens better and follow your ball in flight. Greens & golf balls will be enhanced, while the blue of the sky will be muted.
  • Brown or Amber lenses too will help increase contrast.
  • For no distortion, choose a neutral grey or green-grey lens for true colour perception.

American Zach Johnson claimed 3 things helped him win the 2015 Open Championship at St.Andrews. Johnson said his wife (of course first) his faith and his Oakley sunglasses. Wearing them around the home of golf in all weather conditions Johnson explained…

“It’s certainly not to make myself more interesting! I’m hardly a poster boy. I wear them at dusk and dawn. I see greens better and I see the reads of putts better.”

In 2017 have arguably the best range of Oakley sunglasses to date. Back in 2002 when I started in the game, a pair would set you back around £150-£200. Since then technology in lenses, frames and tips has improved and I’m pleased to say, the price has come down. The 2017 collection online and in store see’s sleek new designs from only £75 up to £139.


There’s every style available as you see on the tour. There’s the full wrap look of Henrik Stenson, the sleek classic look of Poulter and Johnson and the squared design as worn by Bubba Watson.

Not a golfer? Not an issue. With Oakley producing some of the best designs around the world, their range looks great for any occasion and off the course will offer all the benefits that comes with sport joined with style and class.

The attitude has changed and most importantly for us amateurs – so has the price point. You can shop today online at Golfgeardirect, visit us in-store at our Rainham, Kent Superstore or on course at the Weald of Kent Golf Course & Hotel.




PowaKaddy Compact C2 Electric Trolley

It’s been a long wait but after 2 years of development the industry leaders PowaKaddy have once again ticked all the boxes with their NEW Compact C2 Electric Trolley.

The golf trolley market has been crying out for years and years for a reliable electric trolley that’s easy to carry, handle, assemble and fits easily in your car. A few have tried (and failed sadly) but with the C2 we think PowaKaddy have finally done it.

It’s no coincidence that it’s taken the electric trolley giants 2 years to bring this design to market. At only 514mm high, 349mm wide and 560mm deep it would have caused PowaKaddy’s technical boffs a real headache, with so much to contemplate with brining a small design to such a bulky and generally heavy product. They’ve pulled it off though. The C2 weighs just 9.8kg and will be the lightest electric trolley on the market today.

One of the main features of the C2 compared to most trolleys on the market is the new ‘Simple-2-fold’ system. This allows the compact C2 to be set up and folded away in just two simple folds.


David Catford, PowaKaddy CEO;

“The Compact C2 is without doubt the easiest compact trolley to use that we’ve ever produced – the simple-2-fold system is unique to a model of this size. It’s relatively straight forward to manufacture a trolley that folds to a compact size, but the real challenge is to ensure this can be done without adding too many folding steps for the golfer. The Compact C2 is easy to move around thanks to an integrated carry handle”

2017 - 0036 - 66 C2 + Std Li Battery

“We believe it is the perfect solution for the modern day golfer. It fits incredibly neatly into the smaller car boots you see these days and, with such a simple folding mechanism, the golfer can get from their car to the tee in record time”


Like it’s sister models (FW3i, FW5i & FW7s) the Compact C2 is powered by the innovative Lithium battery. Both 18 and extended options are available with the C2 and backed by full five-year warranties.

Lithium offers the thinnest option on the market and an integrated battery management system helps protects the life of the battery further. The other main features of the C2 are the full-colour widescreen display, USB charging port, balls compartments, pencil & tee slots and an adjustable handle.

  • Unique Plug ‘n’ Play battery system
  • High performance low profile PowaFrame Chassis
  • Thinnest lithium battery on the market
  • Cutting-edge technology ensures your battery discharges less during each round
  • Integrated USB charging port
  • Powerful whisper quiet 230w Motor
  • 3 Year Warranty on the trolley

More features, videos & images on the Compact C2 can be found here on our website.

The PowaKaddy C2 is available online, in-store (Rainham Superstore) and on-course at the Weald of Kent Golf Club


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